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The Great Adventure: The beginning

Sometime in October 2018 I summoned the courage - some would say stupidity - to tell my boss at the sewerage office that I thought I'd like to resign. He responded with an "Agghh ****, where are you going mate?" To which my response was, "Well actually, ahhh, nowhere sir." I told him I was leaving my job to go to America for an adventure. He responded with an “Agghh ****, good on ya mate!” And so my period of funemployment began.

I received a phone call from Germany at 6 a.m. the following morning. It was Simon, a friend from Mike Horn. "Hey George! Vhat you doing for ze New Years? Want to come to Poland to ski ze powder wizz us?" My repsonse to which was of course, "Hell jaahhh!!"

So the first part of my very spontaneous trip was planned. I would return to the land of the free, home of the brave, the United States of America, the country where I’m lucky enough to arrive with a, “WELCOME HOME SON” from the border security guard. However, I would take the long way round the globe, dragging all of my worldly possessions in tow to discover the magic of skiing a European winter, with minimal planning and maximum spontaneity.

This is a collection of thoughts that I accumulated on my two month powder tour of the European continent. I’ve written this blog series as an account of my fast-becoming-hazy memories and as an ode of gratitude to the old friends (mates) and new friends (mostly random hobos I met on the road) who were kind enough to share a coffee, a couch, a kiss or a little bit of bliss.

Thank you for accepting me with all my warts of spontaneity. I hope you enjoy the read.

For anyone who is tired of life as usual, I highly encourage you to simply stand up and walk out the door. There’s a whole world out here waiting to be discovered. If nothing else, I promise it’ll be both entertaining, and educational.

I’ll be posting each section as I write them along with a few crude snaps for flavor too. I’d like to thank Albert Camus for his quotes and inspiration in life and the late Reverend Murray Bean for exposing me to his work. Repose en pai, Monsieur Haricot!

Each section of the blog begins with a quote from Camus and expands on my thoughts of the places I’ve visited and the taste they left behind.

So, here’s the first one: “Life is a sum of your choices, so what are you doing today?”

I still don’t have a street address, but please direct all comments and complaints to the following address:

Peter Macchiarini Steps

North Beach

San Francisco CA 94133

(Just past my friend in a sleeping bag)

Chur. Look forward to hosting y’all back soon in my new home…when I get one.

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