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Mike Horn Young Explorer's Program

Volunteer & Ambassador


PANGAEA – A Pan Global Adventure for Environmental Action – is a youth environmental action group of future leaders taking action for climate change and poverty. I was part of an incredible youth expedition sailing for 3 weeks on the Amazon River with explorer Mike Horn.


Amazon Expedition – 3 weeks sailing on the Amazon River with explorer Mike Horn

• Distributed water filters and learning materials to local schools

• Distributed First Aid kits to medical clinics

• Initiated reforestation programs in farming areas

• Set up wildlife protection programs

• Distributed Wenger Swiss Army Knives to aid local industry

• Exploration and discovery of the local environment, wildlife and people


• Resilience, adventure and willingness to step outside my comfort zone to experience the world and take action for the environment.

• A decision to pursue engineering after exposure to Sponsor Mercedes-Benz’s fuel cell and electric vehicles and first-hand exposure to our urgent need to protect the environment.

• What we dream we can do – our only limitation is our own mind.

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• Mike Horn (Program Director)                       Email:                                    Ph: +41 79 593 82 10

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