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Further Volunteer Experience


• A 20 day journey of personal development, team building and cultural connection in the extreme outdoors of the South Island of New Zealand

• The place of Aoraki (the tallest mountain in NZ) in Ngāi Tahu culture is significant. The mountain is a symbol of our mana (prestige and character) and as a people we look to its lofty heights with respect and for inspiration

• Aoraki Bound draws on this relationship to help build the leaders of tomorrow

UNICORN Foundation fundraising (Neuroendocrine cancer research):

• Cycled North Island of NZ – 1000 km

• Christchurch Full Marathon Finisher – Raised $2000

Heart Foundation of New Zealand:

• The Great Ride for Heart –charity cycle of length of New Zealand – helped to raise $1.2 million

• Commitment to charity and a demonstrated  ability to fundraise online

University of Canterbury Engineering Society:

• Event organisation, stakeholder consultation, sponsor and media management for the University of Canterbury Engineering Society

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• Sampson Karst                                                                                                            Email:

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