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Mechanical Engineer (student)


I completed two professional & practical engineering internships while at University between 2014 & 2016 for a total period of 6 months. A major project was the design and project management of a purpose built clean room and installation of Eastman S125 CNC machine to facilitate cutting of complex shapes of carbon fibre cloth prior to laminating. I also assisted with precision manufacturing of carbon-fibre composite parts and tooling for the 2017 Oracle Team USA America's Cup Class Yacht.



•3D design modelling – RhinoCAD

•Composites Design and Manufacture including laminating of pre-preg fibres & autoclaving

•Additive Manufacturing – titanium powder sintering and 3D printing technology for prototyping

•Research  & Development tasks including destructive & non-destructive testing

•Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing for manufacturing and 5-axis CNC machining

•Composite weight tracking  and analysis tasks – Microsoft Office

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Tim Smyth, Manager                                                                                            Ph: +6421973054

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