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Mechanical Engineer


Beca is a leading engineering and professional services company in the ASEAN region. As a mechanical engineer in the water team in Melbourne, Australia, I learnt how to understand and manage water, our most valuable resource. I was involved with water, waste and industrial projects, with a focus on technical excellence, delivery methodologies and client service excellence as well as safe and sustainable design.


• Pump station design and pump selection analysis including Microsoft Excel VBA analysis

• Biogas regeneration renewable energy projects

• Sustainability and carbon neutrality focused projects for clients operating in the Victorian Water Sector


• Project, time, budget and scope management

• Complex detail mechanical engineering design and project coordination

• Work package leadership for tight timeframe delivery in a low budget environment

• Supplier liaison with ABB, MagFlow, Flowserve, KSB, Grundfos, Xylem & others (Australia)

• Biogas process modelling & preparation of detailed design calculations & drawings

• Strong communication skills

• Internal and external presentations

• Technical report writing including scope of works for suppliers and contractors to achieve project outcomes

• Highly interdisciplinary coordination via 3D models

Somers pump station.jpg


•MS Project for schedule optimization 


•Business case and project plan writing

•Process automation – visual recognition, PDF to txt software, excel VBA and report writing automation (mail merge)



•Sustainability team regional representative & Green Team regional representative

•Graduate Committee regional representative – implemented Graduate hot-desking initiative

•Team learning and development coordinator

Mt Martha Biogas.jpg



Paul Jackson (Manager, Beca Water AU)        Email:             Ph: +61 438 120040

Iris Stewart (Manager, Victorian State Region)        Email:           Ph: +61 434329246

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